Casper theme line height is enormous between paragraphs

I am not sure, maybe I am blind, but doesn’t this line-height seem very big for space between paragraphs?

I write short paragraphs and it looks like they are not one coherent whole but a bunch of unconnected snippets.

Would you agree? Or are you using the Casper theme with the default options?

Is there any way to change this? Thank you!

I added this and it looks much better nice I think. Or are you happy with the defaults?

Edit: but now content on mobile seems squished… maybe the defaults are okay after all…

IMHO You are right - Casper is slowly looking more and more spacey - which just leads to the scroll-forever blues and bruised finger-tips.

It’s hard to fix properly because of things like:

/* Casper v4.2.0 - !important in screen.css near line 992 */
.gh-content > hr + *,
.gh-content > blockquote + * {
    margin-top: 6vmin !important;

So you have to rely on knowing your selector specificity AND !important :shushing_face:

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