Casper question

On my page: Fuji 8-16mm f/2.8 First Outing – Bershatsky Photo you’ll notice that there is a lot of space between the images (I just dragged them onto the window and posted them that way. The padding between the images is ridiculous. I don’t mind a little bit, but this is crazy. Any thoughts on how I can change that value?

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Hey there fellow Fuji fan :wave:

This amount of spacing is very much intended for this theme when inserting individual images in the default width. If you wanted to change this you have a few options:

  • Download the Casper theme and edit the CSS in the theme files, then re-upload your theme in Ghost Admin. Casper is completely open source and designed to be built on top of!
  • You could also try using different image widths (using the editor), or image galleries. It looks really nice when you combine full-width images with galleries, I do this on my own site.

For photography publications, I’m a big fan of the Massively & the London theme. They’re both free to use on the Marketplace, too.

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I agree about ridiculous spacings in Ghost, not only around images, but paragraphs, etc.
In the era of small screens dominance (mobile phones, etc) that is even more strange and problematic, out-dated …
Btw, as, I check your blog

is not on Ghost, but on the Wordpress?