Casper Theme - RSS link leads to dead feedly link?



I’m using the default version of casper on my site (kurtjlewis . com) and the link to my rss feed from the homepage is dead - try clicking on the rss icon from - it leads to which gives a 404 error.

Directly visiting the /rss link works just fine.

I know I could manually edit the casper theme to fix this issue - but I’m wondering it it has something to do with my configuration instead?



Hm, looks like feedly changed their button URL without telling anyone :thinking: They’ve added an i to the beginning so works.

Have sent them a message to ask if bug or intentional (as in, if they’re planning to fix it or if we need to update casper)


Your ghost / casper version is out of date - Ghost 1.20.3 came with 2.1.9 which fixed the issue (ref) and you’re on Ghost 1.19


Oh nice, I missed that. How odd that they didn’t redirect the old URL pattern though


Aha! I knew my ghost version was out of date, but I didn’t realize by so much.

Thank you for your help!

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