RSS Links reveal articles from deleted author


Ghost v 2.10.1
Ubuntu 18 LTS
Feedly linked from Massively theme (which is fine but what the heck! heh)

So Massively uses a feedly link which is fine for me, but I’m noticing it is passing the articles from the Ghost author that the default Ghost install leaves behind and are supposed to be deleted when you remove the user. I have to assume that this will also mean should I have other authors in the future who I delete, their posts will still persist.

tl;dr A combination of Ghost and maybe the new theme Massively, using Feedly for RSS, is showing articles that should no longer exist on the server and serving them up. I would like to remove those articles from RSS.

Do I need to add Ghost as a user again (somehow??) and delete the individual articles first? Or am I going to have to sanitize my db? Thanks


Am I the only one seeing this?

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