CDN Recommendations

Being that Ghost does not support any form of clustering or horizontal scaling. Im looking at updating my CDN to add a level of caching. Is there any reference to the required HTTP settings, headers, etc that I need to set in my CDN.


Details are found here - Job for Stripe Help - #11 by Kevin

Based on the recommendation here:

Doesn’t this mean any user that is logged in will not be served cached. So if the origin server (ghost instance) is down then the member will not be served any content.

From the recommendations at Job for Stripe Help - #11 by Kevin by excluding the APIs etc. When the site/instance was down no further users could be added to the platform.
CDN caching is great. But I still cannot see how it can provide full resilience when the instance is down. So feel free to let me know if Im missing something here. : )