Ghost with custom CDN is possible?

I wonder if we can continue using Bunny CDN (A+ service for and ultra affordable price, I’m not doing promotion but I’m user from 3 years ago).

It’s all OK with Cloudflare but we think that we can avoid to keep centralized our data or management and save 19,50 bucks per month.

So, what’s the level of difficulty and what we need to link Bunny with Ghost? :slight_smile:


I came across an article that may help point you in the right direction for getting setup:


Hey! Cool that you linked it, I’m still using that set-up although I would like to point out a couple downsides:

  • Not sure how well it works with Ghost Members.
  • It can break post previews in the editor (when you click to see the post rendered on the blog itself) Though it might be possible to set up an edge rule to avoid caching those as well.
  • Bunny aggressively tries to avoid updating their cache, which should be fairly obvious since it’s a CDN but still worth keeping in mind. When updating posts etc. you usually have to purge the relevant pages manually using their panel. It’s instant and not really difficult to do.

In any case, I’m still a happy customer of theirs and use it pretty extensively (outside of just having Ghost behind it). Also happy to answer questions if something is unclear :slight_smile: