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I’m shocked there isn’t a simple way to highlight text and center headings. I came here from a different newsletter provider thinking this would be a nice change.

The fact that I have to work with code injections or manually adjusting CSS/HTML is wild to me. I’m not a developer.

Is there a simple way to center headings in a post?

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That’s going to be theme-specific. If there’s a theme that you otherwise like, please link either your site or the theme demo and I can help you set up the code injection. Happily, you just need to do it once and it’ll apply to all posts. :)

Hi Cathy - I’m grateful for the help.

I won’t necessarily want to center all headers but I want the option to do so as needed.

This is my site:

How would I center a header as needed?

Thank you

So I visited the post you have at SR #4 How I used Chat GPT to Create a Facebook Lead Generation Application (might want to fix that later) and decided I’d center a heading.

I picked the heading (you can also do this in preview mode, so you don’t have to publish first, and right clicked and chose ‘inspect’ to see what selector to use.


Ghost gives all headings a unique ID that matches (sort of) their title. This one’s ID is #my-take.

So then in your code injection for THIS post, you’d add:

#my-take {
text-align: center;

And there you have it!

Addendum in case you need it - your code injection for the post can be found by pulling out the right menu:

And then open up the code injection:

I usually put styles in the header, although either will work. Don’t forget to hit ‘update’ after you add it.

For a less code-requiring solution, you could adopt the approach I describe here:

Perhaps you set it so that all headings that are set in the editor as italicized are actually centered. Or choose another styling option (or two) and overload them. Let me know if you need help figuring out the exact setup, but I think that’s an approach that’d make it really easy to center headers after you set it up (once, site-wide).

Thank you for your time Cathy!

I may want to enlist some help to tweak this theme in the future.

Could you email me at

I’d like to chat about what that would look like with you.

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