Change color of subscription pop-up in Dawn theme

Hi All,

I was able to change the orange color of the Dawn theme to a blue color by editing assets/css/general/basics.css and also assets/built/screen.css, but the orange color still shows on the button on the subscription pop up.

I’m not a developer, but I know the basics of editing using Atom. Any instructions written for a dummy would be helpful!

First image shows blue:

Second image shows the orange I want to change:

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You can change this in your portal settings under the “Accent color” setting! Here I’ve set it to “#bada55


Thank you so much! Can’t believe I didn’t know that. Cheers

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@fabien on a related note: there’s the option to choose accent color in the portal settings. The text color and icon color is white by default.

If one chooses a white or very bright accent color the text becomes unintelligible/the icon invisible.

The solution to this issue would be to make it possible to pick a text/icon color.