Style the Portal button?


Does anyone know of a way to style the portal button? Or to change the accent colours on the portal UI? It seems that this is tied to the theme accent and can’t be customised individually?

I’m using the Casper theme, and when I select an accent colour suitable for the dark theme, it’s not changing the text colour of the portal button to suit a dark theme. So the button text is always white and is therefore unreadable.

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 6.39.58 am

Is there a way to update the text colour on the portal button? It seems that in the past there was a style option for the Portal specifically, but I can’t see this in the admin or the Portal settings.


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It’s sad no one even bothered to answer you. I am in the same situation but my button is really unreadable due to my light accent color.