Changes to Robots.txt never seem to take hold


Based on this link Modify robots.txt I decided to edit my robots.txt

So I went into the latest running version of Ghost

Here I edited the Robots.txt file to remove the line Disallow: /p/ and re-uploaded it back up.

But when looking at my blog & refresh the page, it still has the link.

So then I SFTP back into the directory, and yes - the line is indeed gone.(But not from the website for whatever reason)

So, I’m not sure where it is actually picking robots.txt from.

Thank you!

@akash47 did you read the docs link marked as the solution in that topic? You shouldn’t be editing core files, you should add a robots.txt to your theme and use the admin to upload it so that caches etc are cleared properly

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Hi Kevin,
I did read the document (ok, skimmed it :slight_smile: ) - but my first takeaway was that it is for people who want to customize their Casper theme - I was happy with stock.

But I’ll read it in detail now.


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