Changing fonts in Tripoli

Hi everyone. I was hoping someone could help me edit Tripoli’s font settings.

Tripoli’s default fonts are as follows:

  • Inter for the overall theme text such as navigation items, date, buttons, tags,…
  • Source Serif Pro for the post title and content.

Is there a way to seperate post title and content? I want to set Lora for post title and Open Sans for content.

The theme loads both typefaces using Google Fonts in the theme partials/typography.hbs file. It is then assigned as a CSS Variable and other system fonts as a backup in the theme /assets/sass/tokens/_typography.scss as the following example.

I had a poke around in typography.hbs and .scss but couldn’t work it out. The documentation only provides advice on how to change the default fonts (but not what they apply to). I’m by no means an expert.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :grin:

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Did you resolve this issue?

Not yet - any suggestions?

If you would like, I can help you. But I have to edit your theme. For the I need your current theme file. If it is possible I will be able to do it.

Sure - message me your email address and I’ll send a copy over.

I just sent you the email through chat. Please be kind enough to include the routes.yml also. I will install a separate local ghost instance and work on your theme.

Did you send me the theme file to make the changes?