Tripoli — New Theme for News and Magazine Websites

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to share with you my new theme, Tripoli. News and magazine-style theme that will bring your content to life — with a minimalist design and beautiful typography.

Tripoli highlights featured articles at the site’s top section along with recent articles, so your readers can check your important and recent content from the first look.


Dark Mode

The dark mode will depend on your device settings; you can toggle it on or off.


Editors’ Picks

Homepage section for your Editors’ Picks with a unique design.


Organized Homepage

Organize your articles by tags on the home page.



Show all your authors on one page highlighting their recent articles.



Also, a custom page for newsletters lets your readers subscribe to a specific type of content.


Other things Tripoli can bring to your website:

  • Full-width navigation adapts to many navigation links.
  • Support the new Ghost Tiers feature.
  • Full website search.
  • Support all the Ghost editor cards.
  • GitHub Action integration for theme deployment.
  • Theme settings for Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube links.
  • Sharing icons for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn


Tripoli is beign used by Vegas Business Digest, Classical Finance, The Geek Writer, The Cryptonicle, Cortis and tippinsights.

Your feedback is welcome, and ask any questions.



this does look amazing in mobile view but in desktop view there is lot of white space left while reading the article…sidebar and option to add excerpts after title in homepage would be nice…otherwise well done …great work as usual

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Thanks so much, Gourav! I will consider all of your great points.

Hi @ahmadajmi,

Bravo for the amazing Tripoli theme,

I’m using it here → and the dark mode is not turning on when all works fine in a local installation.

Could it be related to Cloudflare ? is there a way to make it work ?

Many thanks,

Thanks, @jeremielondon! Please check your email.

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I missed this one when you posted it, @ahmadajmi. It looks very clean, sleek and professional. I think it is by far the best news style theme I’ve seen for Ghost so far. Well done! And again, thank you for consistently bringing your talent to the Ghost platform. You are an absolute treasure to this community, in my opinion.


Thanks so much, Donald!