Changing Hero description text color on Home page

Very simply put, is there a custom code that could allow to simply change the Hero description (not Hero headline) text color on Home page?

I understand this would be about class=“hero__description” but that’s as far as my coding skills go ^_^

Works perfectly! Thanks a lot : )

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What is the code for allow to simply change the Hero description or Hero headline text color on Home page?

Link your site or name your theme. Different themes use different classes so it’s not possible to give a generic answer.

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Hi Cathy, Thanks for the reply I am using template Porto and what I would like to have is add gradient color inside of their hero title. Any suggestion, I tried some html colors and worked but not gradient colors.

Here’s a tutorial on how to figure out CSS selectors:
Code Injection 101

That theme uses a <span> tag to make anything in it be a gradient. So, in whatever box you’re typing the title of the page (probably somewhere in settings > design ), you’re going to put <span> at the start of what should be gradient, and </span> at the end.

To change the color of the gradient, see these directions from the theme creator: Porto Documentation - Ghost - GBJ solution

Thank you so much Cathy, it worked.

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