Modifying Casper hero section

Hello there,

I try to modify the Casper theme to have a hero section similiar to the screenshot (from
There should be some bold title statement and some text below.
Would I somehow use site title and site description for this and modify the formatting via code injection?

PS: Would it be also possible to have a similiar buttone “see our work” that links for example to post with a specific tag (like "customer-projects)?

Thanks everyone!


I found the Solo theme which does something similiar (Solo)
Casper uses the class site-description while solo uses gh-about-primary and gh-about-secondary.
Any way to achieve this without rebuilding the whole template?

The reason I dont use solo is because I like the way Casper is displaying the posts below. Solo is just too “strict” with the simple list.

I think You need to download Your theme, then edit this hero section, and compile theme files then upload theme.

You’re self-hosted or if Ghost what plan?

Ok, I was afraid I would have to do this :slight_smile:
I am hosting on my own server.

So it’s easy!

If You dont want to upload theme everytime just install locally and worki on it, then when finish upload to Your hosted site :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your confidence @AnimaVillis :slight_smile:
I will try this and hope I get it done.