Changing the size of header/post title on emails

Hi! First time poster, apologies in advance if this is in the wrong section.

I’ve worked out how to change the size of post titles on my articles using the code injector. I’m using the Headline theme on the latest version if that makes a difference.

What I’m struggling with is changing the size when the same article is posted out on email. I think the headline is far too large. Does anyone know what that element should be called, and how to change the size? I’ve tried the code below (which works for the article, but not for emails).

Thanks in advance,

For consistent delivery to all of the possible email clients, Ghost handles most of the email styling for you. You can see the style options at SettingsCustomize. The size of the post title, though, isn’t modifiable.

That being said, please share a screenshot of the email, so we can see if anything strange is happening!

Thanks. I don’t think it’s broken, just would prefer to be able to control the size as I’ve had feedback from others that its very large (especially with long post titles, it dominates the first fold on mobile).