Cloudinary storage adapter not working in homepage postcard view

I installed the Cloudinary storage adapter and made the changes in the config.production.json. Images are loading fine within the post page but not in homepage postcard views of posts.

Ghost version: 3.21.0
Casper Theme: Version 3.0.12
Blog URL:

Please suggest how to correctly edit the srcset in partial/postcard.hbs to accommodate Cloudinary path:

P.S. If I add the images directly from Unsplash, they work fine, but loading the cover image locally doesn’t work.

Hi @Amit_Ashwini :wave:
When you made your configuration change did you make sure to restart Ghost using ghost restart?

Yes, I did David. Only after restarting Ghost, images in the post page started appearing in Cloudinary media library.

Upon inspecting the elements I can see that the post card images or the cover image of the posts still try to load from Ghost library instead of res.cloudinary

The strange thing is these Post card images are getting transferred successfully to Cloudinary library but they just won’t load.

@DavidDarnes Any suggestion here?