Cloudinary + Ghost still works for Casper?

Hi, I have tried to follow this guide to integrate Cloudinary into Ghost.

For other themes, it works. For the latest Capser theme, I couldn’t find the line specified in the post:

div class=“post-card-image” style=“background-image: url({{feature_image}})”

On line 4 of /partials/post-card.hbs

Any help is appreciated!

  • What version of Ghost are you using? The latest
  • What configuration? Production

Hey there :wave:
Casper uses srcset to provide browsers with appropriate image sizes depending on their screen size and internet connection. You can view the code here

You’ll need to replace each image path with a corresponding image url. However this might not be necessary as Ghost is already providing optimised images here?

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Okay then, I understand. Thanks so much for this & also the previous response on the similar image issue. :grin:I think I will leave the images as is for now.

I read some info on this forum & the github on next-gen image formats. Although it may not be a priority for you guys anytime soon, I hope perhaps you are considering if it benefits users interms of optimisation!

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