Code for my newsletter sign up

I just need the code for newsletter sign up from my ghost blog for my website. The embed code doesn’t work,

My developer has built my website in react/ next.js. We want to put a newsletter signup on the footer of my home page.


My new website api is temporarily hosted on

My ghost blog url is


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Hey Kate!

Have you tried the embeddable signup form? The goal of that is to provide a snippet that can be used anywhere on the web:

If, for whatever reason, that doesn’t work, your developer can also create a simple form in your NextJS site and call the Ghost Members API:

Keep in mind though that your Ghost Admin API key should not be used in the frontend. In the context of NextJS I would rather create an API route that executes the call to Ghost.

If you’re using Ghost as a headless CMS behind a NextJS frontend, there will be some thing that won’t work:

Thankyou, I have passed that info on to my developer, seeing as the embeddable form does not work. I have another question: I can’t get my purchased domain for my newsletter blog to work with my ghost (hosted) site

Pretty sure the domain DNS is good for the domain; the problem is something on the Ghost end, although everything looks fine with what I have done…

Since you’re a Ghost Pro customer, you can email them if you need help with your DNS config.

Having said that, maybe I can save you some time: Often it takes a couple tries (and sometimes a couple hours) before a newly transferred domain will validate with Ghost. DNS caching is ‘fun’. So before you email them, I’d try to validate the domain again. Your settings look fine to me, so it’ll probably validate – this time.