Integrate Substack embed email sign up form on Ghost blog

Hi everyone,

I am creating a new website using Ghost, and I would like to keep Substack to deliver my newsletter.
But I am facing an issue with the Substack embed email signup form…

When I add the embed HTML code provided by Substack, it is not working properly. The code is not displayed and appear like this :

FYI, here is the HTML code provided by Substack to embed a sign up form on any other website (such as Ghost in theory) :
<iframe src="" width="480" height="320" style="border:1px solid #EEE; background:white;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Since I am not a technical guy, can someone help me with this please?


Can you please share your url? How did you insert the embed code?

Thanks for your answer, I just solved the problem, it seems to be working now :slight_smile:

Regards !