Colors (Beyond Black) in Text of Posts

Is it possible to set the text font to colors other than black in the body of posts?


I’d really like to know this, too. The idea of having to do code injections for all these things is seriously off-putting. I’m a day-or-two out from my trial finishing and I confess this is something that’s giving me pause for thought.

Are you wanting one color throughout the post body, or something more complex? It should be one line of code injection once, if that’s the case. :). Happy to help you come up with what works if tit can link your site. :)

Thanks for the quick response!

In my case, there are times that I’d like specific words, sentences or pars to be a different colour.

If you are posting only (not emailing a newsletter), then you might use css to switch bold, italics, or underline (or a combination of two) to be a color instead. This example does highlighting, but switch color for background-color and you’ll be set.

Ah, okay. Thanks Cathy. I wouldn’t say that’s a very user-friendly approach, but I’m fast learning that Ghost leans far more heavily towards “lightweight” than it does to fully featured. Had been hoping for more of a middle ground, tbh. Like, “the very basics of a rich text editor”, haha.

This has all gotten me a bit grumpy, tbh! Wishing I’d done a lot more of a deep dive on this before I’d shelled out for an annual plan.