What if I want to use red text?

I want to highlight some text to be red, but it seems the editor only lets me use bold or italics. Is this possible somehow?

Two options:

Insert an HTML card to replace that paragraph.

Restyle some combination of underlined/bolded/italicized text to be red instead - the example below applies to bold and italic, but you can choose a different combination.

strong em, em strong { /*listed in both order so that you don't have to apply them in a specific order in the editor */
    color: red;
    font-style: normal; /*these turn off the italics and bold*/
    font-weight: normal;

It may be preferable to style the highlight format to avoid unintentional styling of strong+italic combinations.

Highlight formatting can be applied by selecting your text and pressingCmd+Option+H/Ctrl+Alt+H - you can see all shortcuts by opening the post settings menu and clicking the Keyboard shortcuts button (docs).

Styling can be achieved by adding this to your code injection head setting:

mark {
    color: red;
    background-color: transparent;

Note: In both cases mentioned here the styled result will only be visible on your previewed/published post, the styling override will have no effect in the editor itself.

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Thank you for telling me about the Keyboard Shortcuts. To make things easier, maybe I’ll just stick to the default color of yellow that highlighting provides.