Comment_id in Disqus integration

In the integration for Disqus with Ghost it says to add a snippet of code that has comment_id. But {{comment_id}} doesn’t return anything. Should I be doing something else?

I’m using Ghost 2.36.0

Hi there. I think {{comment_id}} a legacy helper and it should be replaced with {{id}}, more info can be found here:

Can you try it out and see if that works? Sorry for the confusion, we’ll update the integration guide :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve tried this. Here is the error I got. I probably should have mentioned this.

Ah my mistake. It should be {{comment_id}}. Are you placing it inside of the {{#post}} {{/post}} block? The helper won’t output anything unless it’s inside the post block else it doesn’t know what post it’s part of

Works now, thanks

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