Commenting prompt in emails, not just online?


First off, the whole Ghost team has my infinite gratitude for adding the Comments functionality. It’s a gorgeous piece of coding.

This may be specific to my theme, but I’ve noticed that there is no prompt to comment in the emails that go out - it’s only visible if people choose to read the online version of what they’ve just received in their inbox. THEN they see that box inviting folks to log in and comment.

Is there any email-only code snippet that I could add to the end of my articles to make this appear? Because I’m seeing that without that prompt there, the whole beautiful comments functionality is languishing.

Grateful for any thoughts or help - thank you!

This would be a great opportunity to use the Email content card, which only features content in emails—not in published post on the web.

In the email card, you could include a call to comment and a link to the post:

Don’t miss out on the conversation—join the discussion

Just be sure to include the link to the post.

Definitely! I’ve thought about this but was hoping there was something more attractive than just a “comment” link to the article, since they’d still have to know to scroll to the bottom to even find the comment box/fields in the online version. And I can’t insert an anchor link directly to the comments since it’s all built-in… Unless you know of the magic way to do this? That would be so wonderful…

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You can provide a link directly to comments by formatting it like this:


Aahhhh, thank you so much Ryan! Magic! This is perfect. Thank you!

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