Inline comments (author comments) inside Ghost posts while editing

Is there a way to add inline comments in Ghost posts (like programmers do in code)? Text that will not appear in the published version even if I forget to remove them? It would be really useful if the feature isn’t already there. When composing long pieces one uses comments to structure TODOs.

If you aren’t going to send the post by email, maybe use the email only card?

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Thanks, that’s an interesting idea. But sounds like a dangerous hack that will bite back by mistake.

Well, I definitely wouldn’t do it if I had a newsletter configured. But if you don’t have a newsletter at all, just a blog? Might be an OK choice. Unless you’re going to store deeply personal information or your api keys or something – in which case you shouldn’t put it online at all! :slight_smile:

Add an HTML card and insert comments using <!-- comment -->.

Haha, thanks, that’s better than the other hack, but at least in Beta editor, I cannot see the comment unless I have focus on the HTML card itself :(

laughs I disagree. The comment is going to be served, and visible to anyone who inspects your page source. And if you send it by email, it’ll probably show up to anyone with their email reader set to plain text (not common, but not super rare)

You’re absolutely correct, @Cathy_Sarisky! It’s an in-line comment. I thought that’s what @jbasko wanted, but on second reading, it’s not.

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Could a post template (selectable in the editor) be a part of a solution?

Interesting idea, but I don’t think there’s a way to have handlebars really process the post content – is there?

Perhaps a template using member attributes? Could some code snippet be provided to insert author comments inline in the editor?

and maybe…