Community question: What do you know now that you wish you did before?

Hey Ghost community :wave:, Dave here.

I’d like to ask a question to people who’ve been using Ghost for their projects:

What tip, or piece of info, that you find useful to know that you wish you knew when you started using Ghost?

Was there something that you had difficulty getting your head around that you find really straightforward now? Maybe you have a reference link or document you keep to hand when working on Ghost sites? We’d love to help members of the community share their knowledge with others. That’s what this forum is all about :rainbow:

Please be constructive in your responses. If it’s in relation to an existing topic on the forum please reference it, thank you :v:

I’m sure I can think of something more substantial, but it was a very nice discovery when I clued in that adding /edit at the end of a URL for a post or page (be they in draft mode or published) would take you directly to the editor for that post/page.


That is a nifty trick! I’m looking more at things coders/developers have discovered about Ghost that have helped them build Ghost sites :slight_smile:

The /edit was a wonderful discovery for me as well! :smiley:

One thing I do wish existed was a complete walkthrough of getting Gatsby + Ghost + Netlify set up. The installation wasn’t a problem. It was the URL routing and stuff that had me puzzled for quite a while.

Hey @svikashk :wave:
You might find these resources helpful:

This is helpful, @DavidDarnes.

Do you also have some guide put together for the routing and stuff as well? That’s the part that’s been tricky for me. Trying to figure out what should point to my DO instance vs Netlify isn’t all that straightforward to me. So any help in that area would be great! :smiley:

If you’re using Ghost as a headless CMS with Gatsby then all the routing should be handled by Gatsby. The only route that you’ll need from Ghost is the admin interface, which is already sorted for you.
I’d recommend delving into the code within our Gatsby starter for more detailed references.

@svikashk I recently stumbled upon the below jamstack blog, which seems to cover the topics you are looking for, especially with respect to routing. Hope that helps!

Thanks for sharing these links @DavidDarnes and @gatsbyfy. Will have a look at them.

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I just accidentally clued in that the process of creating links is easier than the UI infers. That is, rather than selecting text, clicking the link icon, clicking into the empty box, then pasting, all you have to do is select the text and then (supposing you have a link in your clipboard) paste away. Done!