I am a complete beginner in web dev. I have a wordpress site but I would like to move to Gatsby. I have been hearing a lot about JAMstack these days, and headless CMSs. Is there any tutorial that uses a combination of Gatsby as frontend, Ghost as Headless CMS for back-end and Netlify(or any other) for deployment?
I know there is a starter GitHub - TryGhost/gatsby-starter-ghost: A starter template to build lightning fast websites with Ghost & Gatsby . Does this starter uses Ghost as Headless CMS for back-end ?

Another thing, once my site gets build with 3 stacks that I mentioned above, how can I write and post blogs, I mean how can I get access to the Admin interface of Ghost , that we usually see in Ghost admin section ?

Sorry for the basics questions.


There’s a lot of useful information in this topic:

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