Complimentary subscriptions disappear on save

Since updating to 4.6.4 this morning, I found that the labels had disappeared from some of our existing complimentary members. [Edit: Checking old backups, I’ve found that the missing labels were an old issue, not from this update.] When I added these labels back and saved the change, their subscriptions each disappeared with the save. Worse, there’s now no option to add it back.

The same thing happened when I canceled an existing complimentary subscription: no option to add a new subscription. This is what the Subscriptions section for these members looks like now:

I can see from free member pages that it should look like this:

This “Add complimentary subscription” option even shows up under paid members’ subscriptions, so it seems only complimentary members are affected.

I’ve reported the issue here: Complimentary subscriptions disappear on save · Issue #13010 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

Quick followup question: if I re-import my members export, will this update the existing member data, or will it duplicate it?

Fixed in the latest release (4.6.6)!