No details, only 'date created' for subscriptions?

I’ll start with an apology for my first question being so rudimentary… I’m trying to comp some paying members but I’ll be darned if I can find the way to do that; all it shows for the subscription details is the date created; what am I missing here? (I promise that in the future my inquiries will be more complex… thanks in advance!

Find instructions on comping members here:

Thanks Ryan, but there lies my problem – the only thing that comes up the subscription settings for a member profile is the date the subscription was created; I can’t locate any “+ Add Complimentary Subscription” link. I appreciate you taking the time to answer, I know this is ridiculously basic…

Do you have Stripe linked?

Cathy, I do, and I thought that might be where my challenge lies, and went to the Strip interface but couldn’t find a link or method there to change from pay to comp

So you do have a paid tier showing up? Also definitely do a reload on the admin page - could be you’ve got a stale cache?

Dang, certainly possible. I’ll refresh and let you know. Thanks much Cathy.

Sounds like a plan. Here’s what you should be seeing, by going to /ghost > members and then clicking a specific member and scrolling down:

Oh, hang on. Are you trying to comp a member who is already paying? I’m not sure that’s supported in Ghost. However, if you go into your Stripe dashboard, there are lots of options to manipulate the user’s subscription there. You could probably issue them a Stripe credit equivalent to the number of months you want them to have complimentary.

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Hi Cathy – don’t think I followed up with a “thanks” after our last interaction. FYI, it seems the easiest way to comp a currently paying member is to cancel the subscription and create a new comped one. Seems a little kludgy I know, but also seems the direct way to do it.

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