Content API on self hosted blog


My blog is which is running with 2.25.4 on Ubuntu

I wanted to know about how to use Content API from self-hosted blog?

Have you tried the content api client library?

Yeah but I would need following section:

const api = new GhostContentAPI({
  url: '',
  key: '22444f78447824223cefc48062',
  version: 'v2'

and not sure if the stand alone installation of Ghost provides key for content API

I think I got it.

You need to create a custom integration to get the API keys

This is a bit weird UX to obtain Keys

This is a bit weird UX to obtain Keys

Hi @pankaj :wave: Really interested to hear your feedback on this point :slight_smile: What do you find weird about it? How do you think the UX could be improved?


Hey @gargol, Thanks for taking interest in this issue.

I almost gave up on ghost for headless CMS use because I thought I can not create content API keys in regular manner as Content API is API usage and not necessarily an integration (if we go in technicality, then yes)

Like we have Public API checkbox in Labs section; there should be a way or separate section to generate custom pairs of Content Keys with a name. And then possibility to list and delete those keys.

And the keys generated for webhooks can be listed but only deleted when webhook is deleted.

In my opinion, API keys management should be listed and done separately.

Benefits can be that for users who do not want to use API will not approach that section of blog, and intended use is explicit.

While doing it through integration, I might create a key which can be used with webhook but still active even if there is no webhook or actual integration in place.