API client secret problems

Hi Forum,

I am new to Ghost and have a basic question.
I am running ghost as a docker container with following docker-compose file:
version: ‘2’
image: ghost
estart: unless-stopped
- “2368:2368”
- url=https://blog.molitornet.com
- /srv/molitornet.com/ghost/:/var/lib/ghost/content

I want to use the API of ghost but there is no client secret in the source code of my stories.
There isn’t also a checkbox to activate the public API in the setteings menu.

Where is my mistake?
You can check my blog running out of the container on blog.molitornet.com.

Thanks for your help

Hi Sebastian,

On newer versions of Ghost you’ll need to use the Content API. Docs and instructions for where to get a key are here:

Hi John,

thank you for this hint.
I am sorry that I didn’t read the instructions more carefully.

Please grant me on more question:
Is it possible already possible to manipulat content with the Content API?
I want to add weather data to a page of my ghost blog which is generated via python script.
Or do you have an other idea how to solve this?

Thanks a lot

You might be able to do something like that using the Admin API which has not yet been released.

Thank ypu for this information.
Then I will wait until Admin API is available.

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