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Hey everyone, I’m looking for recommendations on 3rd party services that integrate with Ghost for better content scheduling management.

I want to be able to manage and schedule 20-30 news posts, with different tags, and get a high-level graphical view of my overall content calendar. Right now I’m finding it a bit cumbersome to schedule and visualise my content pipeline in Ghost admin.

Does anyone use an external service they’ve integrated with Ghost that helps them better schedule and manage a high volume of content? I’d love any recommendations on tools that have worked well for you! Especially interested in hearing if you’re managing 20+ posts at a time and want an easy way to visualise your overall calendar.

Let me know if you have any suggestions! I’m open to paid services if they provide a good solution. Thanks in advance for any tips!


No replies to this? I would think this would be a massively important featured. I have a very specific post cadence, but it’s hard to track weeks/months in advance. Surely @pureflo and I can’t be the only ones.

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So what would be most useful here? A monthly calendar that shows posts that are in a ‘scheduled’ state? That could be pretty easily implemented right now using the admin api. Would you want title, primary_author, maybe featured image, along with a link to the post? It’d be harder to do for stuff that’s in draft mode, because you don’t get a date for the schedule if you haven’t scheduled yet, but it’d be pretty easy to get the scheduled stuff displayed…

And drag and drop would be fun…

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I think just for scheduled post is fine (as opposed to needing to capture drafts). What would it integrate with is the main question. I know the info is there via the API, but where does it display once aggregated via a script? Seems like it should be build in functionality in ghost - to have a “calendar view” to see what posts are scheduled and when they are going live.

Best case scenario, an admin could create a template that said “I always have a Thursday 11am post” which would appear in RED on the calendar until the API found an 11am Thursday post in the queue and then updates the calendar to show that a post is indeed scheduled for that time.

btw I tried using a ZAP for this and sending the scheduled posts to google calendar but zap adds them to the calendar when you schedule them, not when they go live (so, if you schedule a post today at 3pm to go live tomorrow at 4pm, it shows up on your google calendar today at 3pm b/c that’s when you did the scheduling)

I also found the “schedule” view quite useless. It’s just a calendar showing the days, but it doesn’t show the only important info such as if a certain day has already a scheduled article there… Everytime I need to go back to the main posts list and check when I scheduled the previous ones… A dot (.) would be enough under the day.

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Agree. Extremely cumbersome.

Hey @Cathy_Sarisky. From where I sit, the content calendar should be able to do several things;

  1. Sync with Ghost for all posts & email; published, draft and scheduled
  2. Be able to graphically move scheduled post around in a calendar view
  3. Graphically show a Post vs email only within the card view

Here’s something that might help with what I thought (based on CoSchedule).

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