Question about the workflow on planning and cross linking posts

Hi there! I’m pretty new to Ghost and I must admit, I love it (more like the clumsy Wordpress :joy:).

Currently I’m writing many posts in advance and there is a good chance, that some posts relate to others (because the first one covered some basisch about a system) and the other ones some technical points or other interesting stuff.

Since these posts are only scheduled, I only can cross link these posts manually (inserting a link in the text or embedd).

At work we use a lot confluence for internal documentation and they have a all previous posts listed in the add link popup. That could be pretty handy for ghost too imho.

Additionally ghost lacks a bit when it comes to scheduling posts. Unfortunately there is no calendar or some other things in the admin panel to visualize when posts are scheduled for.

To tackle this painfully missing feature, I have created an iCal endpoint with n8n which consumes the API, gehts all scheduled posts and than creates an iCal from them:

But a build in one would be highly needed.

Is there any way to integrate or extend the ghost admin panel? I’m a developer so this would be pretty nice.

It shouldn’t be like in Wordpress, but a simple manipulation of the navigation or code injection would be a good shot here.

Kind regards!