Content styling template

Hello, I was wondering if there was a template I could use for ghost content from a page or post that basically adds styling like bold/italic/headers as well as things like cards, buttons, images, web previews and the other features of a ghost blog post.

If you have a fresh install of Ghost, you could use the preloaded content.

To export the content, go to Settings > Labs > Export.

Head to the exact location and upload the exported file to load it up again.

Here’s more info on content migration.

If the content you wish to have doesn’t exist, create a post or page and export it. I hope this answers your question!

Sorry if I didn’t make it clear, I meant styling my posts with a custom theme for theme development.

Check out the theme development Starter repo:

For content styles specifically you’ll want this file:

That works perfectly for posts, however for custom pages it doesnt seem to work nearly as well. I assume the styling shouldnt be that different.