How to make the Ghost official blog company theme compatible with the new Content API?

Hello !

I’m using the last version of Ghost, I’m an happy Ghost Pro user.

I’m using the Ghost official blog company theme as a starter point to create a new theme. First of all, thanks a lot for sharing this theme in open source ! :slight_smile:

It seems that this theme does not support the Content API, only the Public API (deprecated). For instance, posts in index.hbs are only displayed when the Public API is opted-in in Ghost settings.

I was wondering, what would be the first steps to adapt this theme to the Content API ? Do you plan to update it in order to make it compatible to this new API ?

Thanks a lot ! And keep up the fantastic work. :+1:


Sorry about that! I think this is all that’s needed:

Thanks a lot @John ! This change you’ve made works perfectly ! The index.hbs now displays the posts. Thank you !

One last thing, I have a warning message on my local dev regarding the kg-card-markdown class when I upload the theme.

.kg-card-markdown doesn't exist in Ghost 2.0, ensure your theme works without it. The .kg-card-markdown CSS class is deprecated and will no longer be used in Ghost 2.0. It's recommended to add your own wrapper around the {{content}} helper and target that instead if needed.

This warning message does not appear on my Ghost Pro install. :thinking: Any idea why ?

Thank you for the info you could provide. :slight_smile:


Local installs have slightly more sensitive reporting for theme compatibility (as in: they’ll output more info for developers) vs production installs which will usually just tell you about any serious issues.

I don’t think that particular warning is anything to worry about it’s just flagging that there might be CSS incompatibilities - but we’re running that theme on and it seems to be rendering fine

Ok, thank you very much @John.
Have a nice day !

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