Contributors w/o emails (SOLVED)

I would like to add people/entities to the contributor list, so they have an author box and a contributor page, without sending them an email. Some of them are ones I need locally (“Guest author”) and some are entities where there is not a clear address to send to (like a news service). And, the catch is that in order to be added, someone somewhere has to click the link in the email that is sent and set up a password, which in these cases is not possible.

Is there a way, then, to add someone or something as a contributor without sending an email?

Most email services support aliases, so you could create separate accounts using your own email - e.g.

Yes, that’s a good solution. I was wondering, though, if I was missing how to do it in Ghost without creating multiple aliases. Since apparently not, I’ll just make the Google machine crazy with a bazillion aliases. (Aliasi?) Thanks!