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Hi all,

Is there a way for me to invite guest post’s where they can draft and submit their posts for Editorial review. I know we can invite Contributors but we would need to give them access to the Ghost admin. Is there another way?

Honestly, there is no problem using the Contributor account. The user can only access their posts in Ghost admin, and don’t see the sidebar, either. I have many contributors, and when the relationship is over, I keep the account, but reset the password.

Note that contributors can’t publish, but their profile, name, and posts, etc. integrate really well with themes.

If you really don’t want them to have access, then create the contributor yourself, and publish from that account.

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Greetings @mjw, I appreciate your response. I attempted to explore this feature by inviting myself with an unrelated email address as a contributor. However, I noticed that the ‘contributor’ has access to a significant portion of the admin dashboard, which isn’t ideal for my intended use.

Also, I would like to know more about this:

Are you suggesting that I create distinct email accounts for contributors and add them to the platform myself?

Roy, contributors have nothing except the ability to edit their own posts and start a new post. The whole left side menu of the dashboard is gone. If that wasn’t your experience, you might want to check that you were /actually/ logged in as a contributor, and not as yourself. (It’s an easy mistake to make!)

If you have gmail, you can add +something to your existing address, and it’ll drop into your regular inbox. That makes it really easy to make lots of accounts.

So if your email were, then you could make and and so on.

You could also use this recently-posted trick:

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Most likely, you used the same browser, and hadn’t cleared the cache. As I said, the contibutor only has access to their posts.

You can do this. Use a plus address or a service such as SimpleLogin.

Hi @Cathy_Sarisky Thank you for your response.

I prefer the idea of creating an email address in the format of However, I’m unsure how to grant them access to the writing platform where they can compose and save their articles.