Converting to a new theme... I'm scared

I’ve used the default Casper theme for three months and now understand its limitations. I want to convert to a different theme but feel anxious about it. I’ve not done any customization, so I can’t imagine losing anything. Can someone confirm that changing themes is a simple and easy process before I pull the trigger? Thanks!

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Themes have zero impact on content. So if you try a different theme and don’t like it, you can just reactivate the previous theme. It’ll be fine! Go try on some different looks and see what suits you! :slight_smile:

Note for others who might be thinking about it (doesn’t sound like it applies here): Code injection that works with one theme might not work for another, and some themes need a specific routes.yaml. Some themes use different strategies for how they generate related posts, display tags and featured posts, etc. These things can make a new theme feel like it doesn’t work right with the existing content, but no content will be harmed. :slight_smile:


Thanks!! I appreciate the reply.