Cookie, Privacy, and Terms of Service Policies for Ghost Sites

Where can I get some boilerplate language for

  • Cookie Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy

that would specifically apply to ghost sites. I am not a lawyer, but I keep seeing people recommend having these policies listed on your website in the footer. Any starting point for a ghost-based template for these 3 policies would be helpful. Thanks.

great question, i’d like to see an answer to your question as well

Hi there, @gmf @wisernewsletter, that’s exactly what iubenda is offering (disclosure: I’m involved). You can generate

  • a privacy policy adding a Ghost disclosure by choosing the Ghost setup you have
  • in case you have user subscriptions, the cookie policy discloses the cookies by name
    • any other third-party services you use and its cookies work exactly the same way
  • you can get started with the TC generator as there are subscription clauses (however I’m planning to do an even closer integration in the future)

Besides that you can use the cookie banner, maintain records of consent and more. Lmk if you have any questions.