Coupon offer time limit

How can I add a time limit to my offer?

Hey there – You’re able to “archive” any offer, at any time, so new people aren’t able to sign up through it. However, at the moment, it’s not possible to schedule this to be done automatically at some point in the future.

Well, that won’t work for me. Because I have a drip campaign which will run forever. So anytime a member joins would get a series of emails and an offer at the end. So the offer has to be eg 3 days valid after the member signed up

Ah understood – So, in other words, you’re not looking for the offer to expire after a certain amount of time, you’re looking to set a limit on when a unique, already subscribed member could use an offer based on when they signed up.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible now and we don’t currently have plans to add something like that. I don’t believe Stripe supports any functionality like that either.

The best way to accomplish this now is to ensure the person is not given the link to the offer until the end of the drip campaign.

I think you could use the ghost API to generate a unique offer for each new user, and then roll through and archive each one three days later. That won’t stop a user from using someone else’s offer code, but it would seem to largely accomplish what you’re after…

Yeah they would be getting the link at the end of the drip campaign. But there is no urgency I can use like this so the link would be available forever.

Sounds good, I’ll have to hire someone to do that then