Signup after 10 minutes and possible bug?

I just tested out the signup feature in the 3.0 release.

First, is it possible to make it 24 hour signup or just a signup with no expiration? Not all people will read the message that they need to check their email, or even being aware of you have 10 minutes before the link to become a subscriber expires. I know there is security reasons, but I feel like it should at least be customizable.

Second, I tested out the e-mail link. I clicked on it 12 minutes after it was received in the inbox, and surprisingly, I was lead to my front page a success message! That was after 10 minutes, but the part that is worse is that the e-mail was not even subscribed. Is this a bug?

A note is that anyone can just go to and you will automatically get the message in the picture, no token needed.

is it possible to make it 24 hour signup or just a signup with no expiration?

Could you clarify the above please?

How are you checking for a successful sign up?

In the email for signing up, it says that you only get 10 minutes to sign up. Naturally, I wanted to test it out with one of my emails that was not subscribed.

After 12 minutes, it sent me to the page as in the picture, but did not subscribe me.

My question is; right now, you only have 10 minutes to become a member from when you submit your email - is it possible to customize it to a 24 hour window of time?

I also noticed that I get less subscribers after the new members feature with confirmation of signup, which I’m quite sad about.

The logic for showing the success message is very simple at the moment - I think that is a bug, we should have a way for the theme to know if the signup/subscribe was succesful!

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I would be very happy if this is fixed – even better would be a customizable timer for the magic link, or just disabling it.

The preview bug is also quite annoying: a pull request has been made on github

It will be! We’re collecting a lot of feedback since the launch at the moment and working through all of it for fixes and prioritisation :relaxed:

I’ve seen your PR and will be checking it as soon as I can - thanks for contributing - it’s really appreciated!

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