CPU spikes to 100% and blog becomes inaccessible

The ghost process uses all CPU resources and the blog becomes inaccessible. No idea why this is happening, the fix is to fully restart the server itself. Troubleshooting tips would be appreciated, however, this seems like a bug to me.


  • URL: blog.bcyouthcouncil.ca
  • Version: 3.33.0
  • Node Version: 10.22.0
  • Browser/OS: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
  • Database: MySQL

It could be for various reasons… first try to identify why it’s happening in your server.

You can check what process consuming the CPU or RAM by typing below command on the terminal


& Then try to fix that & also the node 12 is recommended for the latest ghost

I’ve updated NodeJS to v12, hopefully that helps. It’s the ghost process itself consuming all of the CPU.

Hope so too ! if not then I will need to check the detail log of the server why ghost process using that more resources


Yeah, still not working. What should I do?

Any other sites or app installed on that server?


Can you send the syslog here . The access log & the ghost log