Create magic link for user

Is there a way to generate a magic link and not email it to the member?
For example, if I wanted to push message (ie: SMS or support ticket) with a magic link.

Yes, but it’s undocumented. You basically want the same process as is used when you use the admin panel, visit a specific user’s page, and click impersonate. If you sniff the network traffic (use your browser’s dev tools - F12), you can see what happens to generate that link, and replicate it.

Tip: Doesn’t work with an API key - you’ll have to use a cookie.

Thanks for the tip.
#feelsbadman about the API key.

If you want to see a python version that requires a username and password (must be an admin)… behold the gory details:

I went with:

  • Create jwt from api key
  • use jwt to locate member by email
  • get member ID
  • log in an admin and get a session (cookie)
  • using admin cookie, send a request to the signin url with the member ID
  • get the link in the response

I feel like this should definitely work with a jwt but I see you already opened an issue on that and there was no work scheduled.

Thanks again. Now that I think about it I could implement Login with Discord in an afternoon with this method.