Unauthorized Access Error when Generating Magic Link

Hello community,

I am facing an issue when trying to generate a magic link on the Ghost platform. When making a request to the GHOST_MAGIC_LINK_ENDPOINT endpoint, I encounter an unauthorized access error with a status code of 400 and the message “Access Denied.”

I have reviewed my authentication settings and permissions and followed all the instructions in the Ghost platform documentation for generating the magic link. However, I am still experiencing this error.

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue or knows how to resolve it? I would appreciate any help or guidance you can provide.

Thank you!

I’ve never gotten an api key to work, but the admin cookie will.

Any chance of providing a link to the documentation on this endpoint?

I don’t believe it’s documented anywhere. As with any undocumented endpoint in Ghost, I recommend opening your dev tools in your browser and doing the desired action with the network tab open - that tends to be informative, often enough to allow you to figure out what the endpoint wants…

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