Creating a custom route in routes.yaml

I am having the same problem that happened in the following post:

I am trying to read a “.hbs” file from a folder, however, a 404 error is thrown.
I modified the “routes.yaml” in “content/settings/routes.yaml”, having

      /signup/: members/signup
      /calendar/: calendar

In this case, signup route is not working, however, the calendar route is working.
Note, the error only happens in local, and works perfectly fine in production!

The following line is used in “signup.hbs”:

{{!< ../default}}

Meaning, I tried to fix the issue following the answer in the mentioned forum post, but it did not work.

Thank you in advance.

I am using the exact same configuration in routes.yaml and it works on a local install, so it seems to me that this issue has to do with your local setup rather than Ghost

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