Creating an 18+ Section

Hi! It’s been a while since using Ghost as a different user, so hello again!

I’ve been wanting to create a website that separates clean and dirty content, but am not too sure how to implement it. So far, I have a main navigation link that shows a Page to confirm if the user is 18+. It then navigates to the “NSFW” tag collection (which is paid-only, btw).

However, I don’t know how to hide all posts from the main page with the “NSFW” tag. Is there any way to prevent normal users from seeing these tagged posts on the main page? Especially when it’s an art website?

One other thing I’m worried about is external traffic going directly to an nsfw post, bypassing the age check.


I found a forum post about hiding certain tags from the main page, so hopefully this helps the next person! :slight_smile:

Now all that’s left is the external traffic.

External traffic won’t see members only content unless they’re registered and logged in as members. Is that enough? :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That definitely helps relieve some worry! I just don’t want underage members to skip the age check.

Perhaps I’ll have to code an age-check splash screen of sorts in the website theme’s files.

After switching themes from London back to Casper, I noticed the “latest posts” navigation section at the bottom of each post. The problem now is that it included both the SFW and NSFW posts (good thing I cropped thumbnails to leave out the bits).

Anyone know how to hide certain posts by tags from the “latest posts” section?