Creating an Effective Content Cadence

Now that I have my site up, I want to develop a proper content cadence to get people interested in the content we’re creating.

Content creation schedule:

  • Livestream on Thursday morning (YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Podcast release Friday morning (audio from the Livestream)
  • Blog post every two weeks

I’m thinking I could do a Sunday newsletter to announce the Livestream topic and provide the links. Send out a notification to subscribers when the podcast is released (on the blog) and when there’s a noteworthy blog post (otherwise it would be rolled up into the newsletter).

The newsletter would also have a few other items (all high value).

This seems like a lot of emails. Or is it that I haven’t been emailing enough before?


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Hi Jen,

Any kind of email marketing usually does badly over the weekend. So maybe push that to Monday morning? (usually Tuesday and Thursday mornings perform best).

For the volume, it’s hard to say. I’m with you, I’d rather send less, but some people suggest sending more and asking for feedback. Afterall, you’re not going to send something useless, so why be worried about sending something good to people, often?


Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for the kind reply. I started my Sunday morning newsletter shortly after I sent this.

I seem to hover around a 50% open rate. And an engagement rate of about 65% over the last 30 days.

I’m in marketing and know the guidance against a Sunday morning newsletter, but it seems to be working out, at least for right now.

Sending it out on Sunday holds me to this:

Thanks again, and I’ll definitely move to Monday mornings if I see an appreciable decline.