Vacations/holidays with paid customers

Hi everyone,

It’s not really a Ghost question but I’m wondering how to approach vacations/holidays when you have paid customers on your newsletter? On one hand, people are paying. On the other hand, everybody needs to rest. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this?

I think there’s a significant cultural component at play here because people’s attitudes toward vacations can greatly vary between countries and cultures.

I also think it’s a matter of managing expectations, and in my case I kind of plan to be very upfront with my audience that I’ll take a normal-ish amount of vacations.

But those are just some thoughts. Feel free to share yours!

Schedule easy-to-execute content while you’re away. Dig into the vaults. Share an old post. Do a quick interview (if it’s relevant) or simply revisit a theme or topic. There are a lot of ways to keep a consistent cadence for paying members while easing the burden on the creators. Burn out is real. Take as many breaks as you need, while keeping your fans informed. Folks understand when you make it clear you’re a human, too.

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Is it how you proceed with your paid content?

They’re just ideas. You can do whatever you like.