Creating placeholders for new content

I like the idea of building internal links, and one of the best ways is to find the external links from my existing posts and then writing my own content.

Would it be possible to create a command to start drafts by placing placeholders in the posts?

Kind of like what Roam Research achieves with the backlinks [[to new pages]].

This way writers would create our own pipeline right inside the Ghost editor …

Would you be able to expand on this? To anyone without the context or experience with such tools the feature request doesn’t really mean anything :slight_smile:

For example, I’m writing a post about dark chocolate and I link to the Wikipedia article.
But this reminds me, that my next article could be about the Dark Chocolate (and link to my page instead of Wikipedia) — so I create a placeholder/draft post for Dark Chocolate.

This way I’m automatically creating a pipeline of new draft posts/ideas to work on next.

Does this make sense? :wink:

So the feature request is essentially a shortcut, whilst writing a post you’d like to be able to create a new draft post with a title without leaving the editor and then continue writing?

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(thanks for putting it in understandable English :slight_smile: