Custom cards when creating/editing a story



Are you planing on implementing the feature to let us make custom cards? You can insert an image, a YouTube video, etc. But it would be cool if we can make a custom card for, for example, to let bloggers insert a hosted video, or a Google Maps iframe, etc.

I read in the forums that it might be in your road map, but is there any news about the topic?

If this isn’t a feature you’re willing to implement, is there any friendly way for the blogger to do it other than inserting the HTML code?

Thank you!


It’s on the long-term roadmap but there’s no in-progress work on it at the moment. When there’s news there will be news :wink:

is there any friendly way for the blogger to do it other than inserting the HTML code?

Inserting a HTML block with the relevant embed code is the recommended way to do it.


Is it possible to embed another post/post card base on slug/id ? can i use handlebars within the custom html card section ? i know its possible directly in theme-ing and in the theme code, but is it possible to quick embed a card inside the editor for example? :slight_smile:


Could you expand on this a bit? What is it you’re trying to do? What do you expect the output to look like?

No, it’s plain HTML, the html field of all posts/pages is generated at time of saving, all post content is static.

Could you explain a bit more what you mean by this? What card are you trying to quick embed?


The first and the last are basicly the same…

The possibility to be able to embed a card that links to another post in the system, just like when you link to a page on facebook you get this pretty card with an image, just like casper display’s post-card on the bottom, would be cool to be able to link to older posts for example or newer posts from within the editor, i know its possible to {{#get}} a post in handlebars and embed that single post as a card but that would be heavy to have to create a custom template for every post just to get that 1 single link, just as an example.

Last one would be correctly “is it possible to embed a post (card) from within the editor”