Creating subdirectory for non-ghost content

I’d like to create a subdirectory like https://ghostsite.tld/wordpress

I created /var/www/wordpress/index.html and got a 404 error when I visited the page.

I’d like to host this on a subdirectory so I can maintain my SEO.

I’ve looked for directions, but found nothing. I’d think this is a fairly common need. What are the steps do to this?

If you have ghost behind a reverse proxy such as nginx then you can set up routes in nginx so https://ghostsite.tld/wordpress goes to your static site (or maybe some other web application) and https://ghostsite.tld/** goes to the ghost application. A good way to do this is to run nginx and ghost as services in a docker stack (maybe also using letsencrypt to sort your certificates) - this is a good reference - although look into nginx docs about how to create your wordpress route GitHub - gregbkr/ghost-nginx-ssl-docker: Ghost blog with nginx proxy, lets encrypt ssl in a docker-compose (ready for production)

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